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Radha Krishna “After searching through all the Vedic literature one cannot find a method of religion more sublime for this age than the chanting of Hare Krishna.” (Kali-santarana Upanishad)

Question: “May I know the meaning of Hare Krishna and Hare Rama please?”

Answer: “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare” is known as the maha-mantra. Maha means great, and mantra means a series of words which are repeated to achieve a certain goal. The term mantra today is generally associated with a slogan or a saying that is intended to help keep a person’s mind focused on a particular task. However, mantras have their origin in the Vedas, the original religious scriptures for all of mankind.

Lord Krishna The Vedas were passed down by Lord Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, at the beginning of creation. He imparted Vedic wisdom into the…

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What makes Chihayafuru a worthful watch?


So as I was watching Chihayafuru for a couple of days it did really made it in my favorites. “Why?” Well, you’ll figure that out. It’s one of those anime which made me inspired in certain things after watching it. Starting with it, I’d like to consider the opening soundtrack for Chihayafuru which was quite great and I don’t know why but I found it quite inspiring, obviously it may vary but for me it was inspiring as the progression of anime took very well and the opening made a great job handling it. And the ending soundtrack on the other hand made the ending sound quite beautiful after every episode I watched. But, what’s actually important here is the content you’re getting this anime and I guess if you’ve still not started watching this anime and if you’re gonna give it a try I’d say you should, I think you’re gonna enjoy each and every moment of it (including the soundtracks).


It did teach me quite a few things about thanks giving, hard work, self belief, teamwork and such. Now to say something about thanks giving it’s something which you give back as a token of appreciation in exchange to the person who has helped you in things or taught you new things. In case of Chihaya, she was introduced to this game called “Karuta” by her friend named Arata Wataya who is a talented Karuta player himself. As he thinks that Chihaya has the potential to play Karuta, he teaches her how to play Karuta going hard on her on her first game play. As playing Karuta with him and finding out new things about the game and Arata himself Chihaya takes this new dream of being Japan’s best Karuta player.


At this stage, it’s very much clear that inspiration can come from anyone and to keep the spirit of being the best at things you want you’ve to appreciate and thank the person from whom you’re getting the inspiration from. At this moment, I realized that the point of “thanks giving” has to be applied here, especially from an anime, which was quite a great thing as I got something worth considering in this anime for my life. You should keep searching for such little to able to utilize them, who knows what might be your inspiration. This point was worth considering and I guess the concept behind this entire anime would be the only reason why I’d re-watch the entire series in the future, no doubt about it.


But inspiration isn’t the only thing to consider here if you don’t work hard on the things you want to become best at. I guess it’s useless to just blindly get the inspiration. For being successful, hard work and belief is just important as inspiration. And, Chihayafuru made it once again revealing how hard work and self belief can come into play. It is seen in the anime that Chihaya after being separated from her friends as they grow up and hoping that one day she’ll meet her friends, she makes a group of Karuta players each having a different perspective in playing Karuta though, some of them who aren’t familiar with the game lose hope in playing it. While playing, in some episodes it’s seen that Chihaya and her childhood friend Taichi help the rest of group members, supporting them in situations where they fail, eventually forming the bond of team work between them.


This was quite a great addition in the show which I enjoyed. This also also clearly states that how teamwork can be helpful in certain aspects of life whether you’re playing a game or studying in a group. I’ve seen many related examples in anime and this one was which I’ll remember the most.


After all of this, it really made my time go well throughout the show. And now you might be wondering why Chihayafuru makes into my favorites. Certainly, it’s one of the best anime produced by Studio Madhouse. For people who are want to try out Chihayafuru and who want to know what’s the best part in watching this anime I’d say that you should definitely give it a try. You’ll enjoy each and every part of it. Totally worth the time you’ll be spending on this anime. And always remember to find something useful from anime as there are a lot “goodies” you can say which are hidden in this beautiful piece of art. In the end, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed reading this post.

[Short note] My inspiration to learn Japanese: Quite a normal way

Culture, Language

So it’s not been that long since I’ve started learning Japanese. The experience I’ve had was great all in all. Maybe just because I was listening to a lot of J-Pop lately, and going through the lyrics while singing the song hooked me up big time. Had enough time, went on the Internet downloaded some J-Pop albums and started listening to them, though I didn’t understand most part of it but some words were quite familiar and I got an idea of what the particular track illustrated.


So as to keep it straight, you can learn Japanese by just going through the Romaji (in case if you’re a beginner). And then going through the Kanji and Japanese Kana. It really got me into learning Japanese as I never had such an experience in learning a language which was this fascinating. So now I’m just learning it at my own pace.

If you want to learn Japanese then I think you should give it a try. It might not the the most popular method to learn a language through some known or unknown music and lyrics but I’m sure it’ll bring you in spirit to learn Japanese. I still remember that day when I came to know about this. I was just going through my library and was scanning some of my J-Pop tracks from my top charts and then I was like “Let’s try to sing this by referring to  the Romaji in the lyrics” I gave it a try and I don’t know what happened all of a sudden, I was fascinated by singing this track and it totally blew me away. In fact, it was quite difficult to pronounce it as I was listening to it for the first time.

I got a hold of it now. I guess the credit goes to Last.fm as it helped me to explore more music of the same kind. The recommendation scheme of Last.fm is great all in all so you’ll definitely get help from it. And due to large number of scrobbles on my profile I mastered some of the songs and so did the vocabulary and words. Had a great experience all in all. Hope you give it try if you want to learn not only Japanese but the language you want to learn or which you love the most having affection towards the culture and all if they are your major reasons behind learning them. I guess apart from watching anime and watching J-Drama, listening to music is also a handy option to choose from. That all I think and I hope I keep this spirit intact.

FAQ: “Why do you watch anime?” explained.


Hello everyone, today I’d like to tell you about my own experience on why I love anime?, why I prefer it over other shows which are not in 2-D?, Why I believe that anime is not only some form of art or entertainment? But, a part of my life which I love. It’s not worth taking into consideration that anime or lets say cartoons are only mean’t for kids and not adults or even teenagers of 14 or above or so. What’s wrong to accept the fact that even some 2-D (2-Dimensional) characters, totally fictional change your life or even help you during your worst days. Also what’s wrong if they motivate you at a particular extinct due to which you may even be standing on your feet which you were unable to do due to your so caused depression. Psychologically, these characters help your brain to overcome the depression you’ve been caused by things in life also that’s just because their eternal character had that same role which you’re having at present.

These characters can be found very helpful in your day to day life because they do nothing but reflect the day-to-day problems among families (in rare situations), tragedy, problems related to love, affection, trust etc. Just assume that you’re in a problem and you want to get out of it or recover from it as soon as possible, it might be possible that whether this particular so called anime character might in such cases help you to the most and help you recover fast enough from the depression or problem you’re having or not even help you that much but will help you at a greater ratio which will make you feel better at least. I can’t guarantee you that these characters can help you at a greater extent necessarily but can assure you that they can at least make you feel better. And that’s what I like about anime. They can be proved really helpful in certain situations which you may find rather difficult to come out through. I’ve heard many stories and even you might have heard some of them about people who recovered from their problems, depressions, mistakes by remembering the scenes they’ve seen in anime. This can be done by switching your position with the position of the particular anime character. For example, Just think and ask yourself: “What would Naruto do if he was in a situation in which I am currently?” That would give you time to think and understand the wisdom that the particular character i.e. Naruto would’ve used to get out from that situation. This simple technique can help you save yourself from getting mentally hurt by the problems surrounding you. But that’s not the only things which made me consider watching anime and to prefer anime over others shows or resources. One thing about anime is that they teach us many aspects of life, viewing them in a slightly different perspective. Maybe, that’s the reason why Japanese are considered to be so respectful and full of hope to each others especially when in their families they being so supportive in certain situations which occur instantaneously. But yeah, that how Japanese are, they reflect their properties in anime, pop culture, music, manga etc. They are equivalent to those top hit movies which go to Oscar just because of the content. They do nothing but reflect their own thoughts by making some 2D characters and by giving the plot a more unusual way on which these characters play a role, a more vital role maybe and that’s what people adopt. A more qualitative personality of an anime character can be totally taken into consideration unless it doesn’t leave a wrong impact on you and your brain. These characters can even teach you to communicate amongst several people, can teach you manners, can teach you to respect, can teach you to have an attitude and far many things unrevealed.

One more thing about preferring anime is that it can help you to create respect, affection and interest in their culture, the Japanese culture and also the language. Certainly, this thing applies to many other resources as well like J-Drama, Japanese TV shows etc but with anime you get to know several other things which might even prove useful for your life, J-Dramas are like you can say another bonus addition which you can enjoy and so as live action. They can be held useful for understanding Japanese culture and heritage but still they’re again proportionate to anime as many compilations have been made of the anime by series, OVAs into J-Dramas and Live Actions. For the languae part, learning Japanese is yet again a bonus, it’s one of the most fascinating languages out there, worth trying and learning. And watching anime without learning Japanese is like I won’t say useless but not worth for sure. And you’d probably even more surprised by Japanese music like J-Pop, J-Rock, J-Rap, Shibuya-Kei, notable genres in Japanese music. J-Pop is considered far more the most popular genre amongst Japanese music. The lyrics are beautiful and composition of the tracks are awesomely made, Japanese composers are known for their compilation of several top hit albums from not only anime OSTs but from video game soundtracks and hence they’re totally worth trying out. And as far the language goes, once when you’re fluent in Japanese, the lyrics are awesome than never before as the meaning of the song is what is highly appreciated and you’ve appreciate it sometime or another. None the less, Japanese anime has a wide variety to choose from from various genres to various age groups there are  anime for everybody. You’ve anime for adults as well and also for perverts, older anime fans prefer classics such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell also known as (GITS), Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Grave of the Fireflies are all worth trying as well. And they focus on pretty different context. For genres you’ve Slice of Life (Focusing on life situations), Coming of Age (Similar to Slice of Life in content but focusing on a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood), Hentai (pornography), Ecchi (similar to hentai by content but often involving perverted scenes like breasts, panties etc.), Lolita not to be confused with “Lolicon” (portraying a young girl or girls who are sexually attractive but not in a sexual pose or showing much of their skin, Lolicon (portrays attractive young girls that are in sexual poses or with sexual themes), Violent (containing large amount of violence including ripping of fingers, head getting ripped off, cutting humans with a sword etc) and believe me guys, this violence in 2-D is much more gross once when you see it, Moe(a certain pseudo love among fictional characters in anime and manga, you’ll see a lot of cute girls here). So there are a lot to choose from as these being not the only one, but people usually prefer Slice of Life as they gradually focus on life situations.

So as you can see how watching anime can get you introduced to a lot of things, apparently giving you a greater idea of things which anime can give you. People usually underestimate them by just viewing them as “only for kids” which is not right. Anime can even change your entire life and you might even know. These characters can become your inspiration, motivation and even your helping hand. So at the end of this post I’d like to advice you people who are not familiar with anime or who think anime are only for under aged people and who ask the question “Why do you watch anime?” “What’s there in it?” “What do you get by watching these cartoon?”. If you come across any one with these or similar questions you can tell them the truth. And believe it or not, the truth cannot be changed and even if people don’t agree to this it all depends on them because it’s you whose gonna have a profit not them and you should make something out of it rather than just watching it for relief. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a great day, bye.

The feeling of betrayal can be so unclaimed after watching Kuttsukiboshi: 01


So as to explain some major concepts after seeing the first episode of Kuttsukiboshi. In matters of debate, I was expecting it to be a smooth running 2 episode OVA with normal scenes and a vibrant plot. It starts off with a normal view and introduction of the characters. Like, Kawakami (the first main protagonist) is introduced as a girl with some unique powers, so just as to introduce a character, it’s revealed that she has a major accident during the airstrikes due to which she gets the power to move objects without touching them. As after some time, Saitou Aya (the second main protagonist) is introduced as a normal high school girl leaving no signs of evilness or coldheartness. As the story progresses, Kawakami starts to develop feelings for Aya and eventually falls in love with her. Aya’s view of getting to know about Kawakami liking her is systematic but later on things get pretty inverse as one might not expect them to arose at that stage. Aya has one more secret which Kawakami doesn’t know about (which actually divides this anime into two sub genres).

The above pictures describe Kawakami's feelings for Aya as she goes to kiss Aya when she's asleep but gets surprised to find out that Aya kisses her instead as she knows the fact that Kawakami loves her.

Later, during Summer Breaks, the shcools are quite silent and lonely as no one wanders around. As both Kawakami and Aya find out that they have developed feelings for each other they make their school as their private meet-place where they meet everyday and make love with each other, though due to this Kawakami becomes pretty touchy with Aya’s feelings as one day when Aya gives her hand made Tangled Stars which she makes for Kawakami and tells her to separate them via. her powers. These Tangled Stars play a very important role further in the series as they tell the future.

Now so as to bring the twist, one rainy day, Kawakami waits for Aya in school but after receiving her text which depicts that she isn’t well and won’t be coming to school Kawakami goes to meet Aya at her house. After meeting Aya at her place, Kawakami gets surprised to see many musical instruments which Aya explains to be of her brother, Kota ( The supporting character). As he’s a popular music artist, Kawakami recommends Aya his songs and doubtfully asks weather she knows him. Surprised, Kawakami later finds out that Sota is Aya’s brother.
Aya later tells that she lives with her brother only. One day, Aya accompanies Kawakami till the station as she lives far from Aya’s place. After boarding Kawakami in the train, Aya gets a call from her brother. At this part of the episode things change drastically from the storyline’s point of view. As the episode progresses further Kawakami remembers that she has forgotten her at Aya’s place. This generalized realization proves to become a matter of betrayal for Kawakami. When Kawakami rings the door bell of Aya’s house there’s seem to be no response from Aya. Leaving no choice left, Kawakami uses her special powers to open the door from within and succeeds somehow. After receiving her phone at Aya’s place, Kawakami heads back to the door, but at that same instance she sees a door opened of a room which is to be of Aya’s brother, Kota. Curious of it, Kawakami tries to peek from the gap of the door inorder to find out what’s happening inside.
This part of the episode is supposed to be the main topic of this post. After peeking in, she gets the biggest shock after seeing it from her very own eyes.

Kawakami encounters Aya and her brother Kota having sex with each other. She finds out the secret which she doesn’t know about Aya and it deeply affects her feelings for Aya.

Even though of her feelings for Aya, Deeply shocked and heart broken Kawakami san runs after seeing Aya with her brother. After coming far from Aya’s house she remembers the Tangled Hearts that Kawakami had given her, after taking them out, she gets amazed to find out that there’s only one heart left as a matter of fact that it got separated. Remembering the thing about the Tangled Hearts which actually tell the future, Kawakami realizes that she’s got separated from Aya and also the fact that betrayal can be so astounding within the range of co-incidence.

This episode was one of the most surprising episodes I’ve watched uptil now, to the fact that it takes the story at a certain level and brings out that unexpected twist due to which a certain viewer might get a different reaction. It has some vibrant mix of Shoujo-Ai, Romance, Yuri and Slice of Life. Also the title plays a vital role as well. As it’s rated as R+ , I’m curious about this as what they might bring in the 2nd episode. I’m looking forward for the 2nd episode of Kuttsukiboshi which was to be released during the Spring of 2011, I hope they’ll release it soon.

Eureka SeveN (TV) Review.

Eureka SeveN

Okay, to start with Eureka Seven it’s known for it’s plot and screen play mostly. I’m truely impressed with Dai Sato‘s Work as a director where he completly brought the whole series at a limit of exact 50 episodes and didn’t indulge it with major fillers.

Eureka Seven Poster

(From top right to bottom left) Nirvash TypeZERO, Holland, Eureka, Yuki, Renton.

Starting with the plot itself, I’d like to tell you that it acts like a loaded gun, loaded gun in the sense that the first 1 – 30 episodes are taken as a loaded cartrage with the introductory part containing the main elements and the borderline of the plot and when once the cartrage is loaded in the gun and when it’s fired. THERE! You come to know each and everything i.e. The importance of the first 30 episodes. It gives you the satisfaction of watching and giving the importance of the first 30 episodes. People usually drop the series when they come to the 25th or say 30th episode but those episodes are important enough to get the grip of the anime.

About the characters, each and every character is important here, weather it may be the main character or the supporting character, everything has something which makes the series a huge success. No off balanced characters, pretty good character design, and their profound qualities. One important thing about the characters is that they teach many important themes of life which include self respect, parenting, love, honesty, family, protection and many other important elements. Studio Ghibli animator Kenichi Yoshida holds a major credit for the character design in the series as he was the character designer and animator.

Moving on with the music. This anime contains some good vibrant soundtracks. The OP’s, ED’s, OST’s, Insert Songs all are worth as they were very well implemented in the series which were placed according to the series advancement. They all were composed really well.

As for the placement, it was outstanding. The placement has some speciality ofcourse. The era of space due to the arrival of the ‘Scub Coral’ which is the adaptation of a new life form related to plants and who are harmful to the human race. The fantasy in the anime is itself a paradise for the viewer and leaves a profound impact on the viewer’s mind. All in all, brilliant work from Studio Bones, Yutaka Izubuchi as well as from Shoji Kawamori known as one of the best mecha designers who has created various masterpieces of mecha anime such as The Super Dimension Fotress Macross, Macross 7, Macross Frontier, The Visions of Escaflown and many others.

In the end, The rating would be 10/10 for the lossless presentation and influencing artwork. If you’re a sci-fi, fantasy groover, looking for anime with mild contrast with space and fantasy, Then Eureka Seven is just for you.