Eureka SeveN (TV) Review.

Eureka SeveN

Okay, to start with Eureka Seven it’s known for it’s plot and screen play mostly. I’m truely impressed with Dai Sato‘s Work as a director where he completly brought the whole series at a limit of exact 50 episodes and didn’t indulge it with major fillers.

Eureka Seven Poster

(From top right to bottom left) Nirvash TypeZERO, Holland, Eureka, Yuki, Renton.

Starting with the plot itself, I’d like to tell you that it acts like a loaded gun, loaded gun in the sense that the first 1 – 30 episodes are taken as a loaded cartrage with the introductory part containing the main elements and the borderline of the plot and when once the cartrage is loaded in the gun and when it’s fired. THERE! You come to know each and everything i.e. The importance of the first 30 episodes. It gives you the satisfaction of watching and giving the importance of the first 30 episodes. People usually drop the series when they come to the 25th or say 30th episode but those episodes are important enough to get the grip of the anime.

About the characters, each and every character is important here, weather it may be the main character or the supporting character, everything has something which makes the series a huge success. No off balanced characters, pretty good character design, and their profound qualities. One important thing about the characters is that they teach many important themes of life which include self respect, parenting, love, honesty, family, protection and many other important elements. Studio Ghibli animator Kenichi Yoshida holds a major credit for the character design in the series as he was the character designer and animator.

Moving on with the music. This anime contains some good vibrant soundtracks. The OP’s, ED’s, OST’s, Insert Songs all are worth as they were very well implemented in the series which were placed according to the series advancement. They all were composed really well.

As for the placement, it was outstanding. The placement has some speciality ofcourse. The era of space due to the arrival of the ‘Scub Coral’ which is the adaptation of a new life form related to plants and who are harmful to the human race. The fantasy in the anime is itself a paradise for the viewer and leaves a profound impact on the viewer’s mind. All in all, brilliant work from Studio Bones, Yutaka Izubuchi as well as from Shoji Kawamori known as one of the best mecha designers who has created various masterpieces of mecha anime such as The Super Dimension Fotress Macross, Macross 7, Macross Frontier, The Visions of Escaflown and many others.

In the end, The rating would be 10/10 for the lossless presentation and influencing artwork. If you’re a sci-fi, fantasy groover, looking for anime with mild contrast with space and fantasy, Then Eureka Seven is just for you.


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