[Short note] My inspiration to learn Japanese: Quite a normal way

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So it’s not been that long since I’ve started learning Japanese. The experience I’ve had was great all in all. Maybe just because I was listening to a lot of J-Pop lately, and going through the lyrics while singing the song hooked me up big time. Had enough time, went on the Internet downloaded some J-Pop albums and started listening to them, though I didn’t understand most part of it but some words were quite familiar and I got an idea of what the particular track illustrated.


So as to keep it straight, you can learn Japanese by just going through the Romaji (in case if you’re a beginner). And then going through the Kanji and Japanese Kana. It really got me into learning Japanese as I never had such an experience in learning a language which was this fascinating. So now I’m just learning it at my own pace.

If you want to learn Japanese then I think you should give it a try. It might not the the most popular method to learn a language through some known or unknown music and lyrics but I’m sure it’ll bring you in spirit to learn Japanese. I still remember that day when I came to know about this. I was just going through my library and was scanning some of my J-Pop tracks from my top charts and then I was like “Let’s try to sing this by referring to  the Romaji in the lyrics” I gave it a try and I don’t know what happened all of a sudden, I was fascinated by singing this track and it totally blew me away. In fact, it was quite difficult to pronounce it as I was listening to it for the first time.

I got a hold of it now. I guess the credit goes to Last.fm as it helped me to explore more music of the same kind. The recommendation scheme of Last.fm is great all in all so you’ll definitely get help from it. And due to large number of scrobbles on my profile I mastered some of the songs and so did the vocabulary and words. Had a great experience all in all. Hope you give it try if you want to learn not only Japanese but the language you want to learn or which you love the most having affection towards the culture and all if they are your major reasons behind learning them. I guess apart from watching anime and watching J-Drama, listening to music is also a handy option to choose from. That all I think and I hope I keep this spirit intact.


2 thoughts on “[Short note] My inspiration to learn Japanese: Quite a normal way

  1. I also want to learn Japanese sometime in my life. But I dont have the commitment to do so. Maybe I will after I finish university and dedicate some time learning Japanese as I already enjoy watching J-Drama and Anime and is really fascinated of japanese culture. I also want to visit Japan one day and believe that learning the language is necessary to have a good experience there.

    1. Japanese is an interesting language. Making up compounds, Multiple meanings of the same Kanji, fun with Grammar (Though Japanese grammar is hard to master it’s fun) and many other things to do with the language. As of J-Drama and Anime, you can brush up your Japanese a bit by learning new words and compounds of the Kanji via. Music (like how I’ve stated in this post), Anime (with subs for starters and then raws), J-Dramas are very helpful as they help you to see the culture in-depth which is awesome though, I think knowing Japanese people by watching J-Drama is highly recommended.

      Same here, even I want to visit Japan someday in my life even for a short period of time doesn’t matter but wanna experience the otaku culture. Learning Japanese in Japan is the best way to learn the language as there is no exception to the language there. Japanese people, Japanese food, Japanese culture, Japanese environment will help you to learn Japanese with comport and also within a short period of time though, practice is necessary because the language requires immense amount of practice. Hope you visit Japan someday and do share your experience. Have a good day!

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