What makes Chihayafuru a worthful watch?


So as I was watching Chihayafuru for a couple of days it did really made it in my favorites. “Why?” Well, you’ll figure that out. It’s one of those anime which made me inspired in certain things after watching it. Starting with it, I’d like to consider the opening soundtrack for Chihayafuru which was quite great and I don’t know why but I found it quite inspiring, obviously it may vary but for me it was inspiring as the progression of anime took very well and the opening made a great job handling it. And the ending soundtrack on the other hand made the ending sound quite beautiful after every episode I watched. But, what’s actually important here is the content you’re getting this anime and I guess if you’ve still not started watching this anime and if you’re gonna give it a try I’d say you should, I think you’re gonna enjoy each and every moment of it (including the soundtracks).


It did teach me quite a few things about thanks giving, hard work, self belief, teamwork and such. Now to say something about thanks giving it’s something which you give back as a token of appreciation in exchange to the person who has helped you in things or taught you new things. In case of Chihaya, she was introduced to this game called “Karuta” by her friend named Arata Wataya who is a talented Karuta player himself. As he thinks that Chihaya has the potential to play Karuta, he teaches her how to play Karuta going hard on her on her first game play. As playing Karuta with him and finding out new things about the game and Arata himself Chihaya takes this new dream of being Japan’s best Karuta player.


At this stage, it’s very much clear that inspiration can come from anyone and to keep the spirit of being the best at things you want you’ve to appreciate and thank the person from whom you’re getting the inspiration from. At this moment, I realized that the point of “thanks giving” has to be applied here, especially from an anime, which was quite a great thing as I got something worth considering in this anime for my life. You should keep searching for such little to able to utilize them, who knows what might be your inspiration. This point was worth considering and I guess the concept behind this entire anime would be the only reason why I’d re-watch the entire series in the future, no doubt about it.


But inspiration isn’t the only thing to consider here if you don’t work hard on the things you want to become best at. I guess it’s useless to just blindly get the inspiration. For being successful, hard work and belief is just important as inspiration. And, Chihayafuru made it once again revealing how hard work and self belief can come into play. It is seen in the anime that Chihaya after being separated from her friends as they grow up and hoping that one day she’ll meet her friends, she makes a group of Karuta players each having a different perspective in playing Karuta though, some of them who aren’t familiar with the game lose hope in playing it. While playing, in some episodes it’s seen that Chihaya and her childhood friend Taichi help the rest of group members, supporting them in situations where they fail, eventually forming the bond of team work between them.


This was quite a great addition in the show which I enjoyed. This also also clearly states that how teamwork can be helpful in certain aspects of life whether you’re playing a game or studying in a group. I’ve seen many related examples in anime and this one was which I’ll remember the most.


After all of this, it really made my time go well throughout the show. And now you might be wondering why Chihayafuru makes into my favorites. Certainly, it’s one of the best anime produced by Studio Madhouse. For people who are want to try out Chihayafuru and who want to know what’s the best part in watching this anime I’d say that you should definitely give it a try. You’ll enjoy each and every part of it. Totally worth the time you’ll be spending on this anime. And always remember to find something useful from anime as there are a lot “goodies” you can say which are hidden in this beautiful piece of art. In the end, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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