What makes anime so successful?

Disclaimer: This post is for those who think that anime are for kids or who give anime the priority of being treated as cartoons and kiddish stuffs.

Well, when some animated content surprizes you with something pretty unusual you feel that you were wrong to judge it for the first time. Such things might between “anime”. Anime is nothing but the Japanese way of pronouncing animation. It’s been an issue of considering anime as just for kids. To be honest, it’s not like that. Anime has been into picture since the late 70’s when new concepts of animation were derived. As of the 80’s, the era of the 80’s is also known as the Golden Era of anime. At that time, anime was given some serious feedback which was reflected due to the masterpieces which were created during the 80’s. Anime can make you attract within your aspects and visions of likes and dislikes.It can also teach you something which you might not even be aware of as well as it can also change your life and your view as well as to which you’ve been looking at it.  But, as for the animation it’s not compulsary to give it the privilage of remaining a topic among kids or teenagers.

Anime was something to me so as to which it caught my interest, like the airing of anime on the Toonami Block of the channel named Cartoon Network as well as on Animax. During my childhood I watched toons of anime classics such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell. The animation, visuals, style plot led a huge impact on my life making me change my view about these animated series as I never even knew that they were called anime at that time. Also I’ve to agree on the fact that Japanese animators have some remarkable talent of executing art into reality so as to which the anime fandom is increasing daya by day. One single placement of Japanese art once when resembles the intersection of storyline, characters, music and setting it never fails to leave you with a big surprise.

I just only want to make people realise that what anime is all about. It’s really pointless to just judge the poster without even watching it’s contents. For a fact, people think that it might be one of those cartoons with some pointless shit but they forget that they’re wrong at some point depending upon which anime they’re talking about. The Japanese film – makers aren’t crazy to get some serious attention from around the globe so as to just praise their works. They make some point out of something just as to make a person realize in their way. Movies are taken into consideration during subjectual matters for example: Any motivational movie that might not be having good actors but due to the direction given by the director it becomes a huge hit. The same thing implies on anime as it being animated it’s not always necessary to give it a wrong pointing.

Leaving out the thing about interest, I’d like to give you a specification about how Japanese animation can change your view towards it. Here are some really good anime you should watch:

1. Akira (Movie)


The Theatrical poster of the anime movie Akira

2. Grave of the Fireflies (Movie)

Grave of the Fireflies DVD cover

3. Perfect Blue (Movie)

Perfect Blue

The Theatrical poster of the anime movie Perfect Blue

4. Paranoia Agent (TV)

Paranoia Agent DVD cover

5. Ninja Scroll (Movie)

Ninja Scroll Poster

6. Five Centimeters Per Second (Movie)

5 Centimeters Per Second theatrical Poster

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion(TV)

Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD cover

8. Ghost in the Shell (Movie)

Theatrical poster of the anime movie Ghost in the Shell

9. Millennium Actress (Movie)

Theatrical poster of the anime movie Millennium Actress

10. Paprika (Movie)

Theatrical Poster of the anime movie Paprika

11. Tokyo Godfathers (Movie)

Theatrical poster of the anime movie Tokyo Godfathers

As for these, they are some pretty great anime series and movies created by help of some well known Japanese animators, Directors and Script writers. I’ve given you this specific list because some anime from the above list were one of the major influences which brought me into anime and made me love them. And I’m sure they’ll change your current aspect of anime as well as will make you respect their work. Thanks for reading
-Regards Shashwat.


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